Driving Lessons in Galway

It’s never to late to get started. We offer lessons to learners of all abilities. Start your driving journey with Wade Driving School today!

Our Services

  • EDT Lessons
  • Non-EDT Lessons
  • Pre-test Lessons
  • Mock Tests
  • Post-pass Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
  • ADI Training
  • Driving Test Car Hire

Our driving lessons are conducted in a manual transmission car, and each session begins and ends at Westside Shopping Centre in Galway. Automatic lessons are available, however you will need to provide your own car.

Please note: Pick-ups and drop-offs are not available.

What to expect


Kellie Wade brings two years of valuable experience as a driving instructor. Her personable nature, friendliness, and calm demeanor contribute to a positive learning environment. Kellie understands that learning to drive can be a significant challenge for many individuals. The choice of instructor plays a pivotal role in shaping your driving skills and overall confidence behind the wheel.

With Kellie, you can expect a capable, patient, and calm instructor who strives to create a comfortable atmosphere in the car. Nervous drivers and learners of all levels and abilities are warmly welcomed.